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October 1, 2018 Decorations Ideas

Country Cottage Decor

Country cottage decor is a blending decoration of the calmness cottage decorations with the nature looks from country decorations. Because the country looks is not yet modern then we have to minimize the use of modernity in the house, or buy them in the country style one. In your kitchen or bathroom, it will be best if you use open floating shelves than using the cabinets. The country cottage decoration is time machines because there is lots of stuff that already there before you were born. This house is passed through generation to generations.

cottage country decor

cottage country decor

Country cottage decor in downtown life

14 Inspiration Gallery from Country Cottage Decor

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To have a country cottage house in the busy downtown is possible. You can pick some old fashioned furniture and bring them into your place. Ask your parents of grandparents if they have something that you still can use like slipcovers, seat covers, etc. Bring the cottage feel with the ivory white, soft yellow, or soft green wall paint. Choose the furniture with wooden based that has the layered finishing. Since the cottage is a simple house, then you can decorate your house with simple ceilings using wide planks, also use the baskets from rattan or soft wood to enhance your room.

The simplicity of country cottage house

Both country house and cottage are simple. They do not use many decorations like curtains, rugs, seat covers, and other linen base decorations. They are igniting the original looks of bare wood floor and bare wood base furniture. To give some colors in your house, you can put some fruits in the middle of your dining room or some flower bouquet in your living room. If you have the farm things that you can use it will be better to enhance your country cottage house. Things like several seed sacks or a pitchfork.

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