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Initial thoughts were wow… Although now I have some worries:

About the phone

  • Designed for a carrier, and an American one at that… so expect stuff missing (like 3G and decent knowledge of MMS)
  • Touch screen. I guess it has to go this way but mine is rubbish (E700) and nothing is as good as real keys FACT!
  • Why no iChat link up for VOIP????? Thats the future (again I’m sure this is becuase they went with a carrier, should have been a virtual carrier like Virgin mobile!)

About the iPod

  • Well it’s not really an iPod is it! Well not a video iPod anyway… 8GB… so a nano then….
  • New interface and new way to learn for punters, can’t see it replacing anything from the ipod line.

About the web device

  • Interesting but been done by Opera on most Nokia and other symbian phones
  • Again designed for America…. how great will it be over here
  • Really needs WiFi and you only really get free wifi where you have a computer anyway (home and office) and gogole maps would own you through WAP!
  • No GPS, which would really have been cool with Google maps.

However there are some really cool things. The potential for something running OSX is endless. The chance of an iPhone nano is really exciting, and I’m also really looking forward to the way it works, all the little things that you will only notice when you get one. Which I’m sure I will :)

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  1. Rob 10 January 2007 at 10:52 am #

    Looking forward to Toms review when he has played with his for a while longer!


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