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I have recently been working a lot with sub applications in Flex. Sub applications are a great way to brake a large application up into smaller more manageable parts, but also provide the potential for some really exciting ideas.

One of the biggest problems when using sub applications is the security violations that the Flash platform throws up. These are seen in the debugging console, and with most Flex projects the number and frequency of violations, mean the console becomes impossible to use.

Today I discovered Arthropod. Arthropod is an AIR application that offers a console that you can log to from a SWF (Flex, AIR, Flash applications or movies). All you need to do is include a simple class, and then log your debugging messages like so:


>Debug.log("my message");

Arthropod uses the local connection to communicate with the desktop application, and although currently only supports AS3, it should be possible to get an AS2 version running too.

This means I can now debug to Arthropod and don’t need to use the default flex builder debug console. However Arthropod also allows you to do a lot more, by debugging applications in their live environment. For more info check out

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