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Suited and booted

Unless you have been ignoring almost every form of news over the past few weeks, you will be aware that the latest version of GTA has been released on Xbox 360 and PS3. I am a big fan of the series, ever since I used to sneak into the careers office at school and play the original incarnation’s demo on the unprotected PCs.

The game is special because of it’s, “sandbox” structure. The term sandbox means you can do anything, you are left in a city with the ability to go anywhere with almost everything reacting how you would expect. In fact there are times you have to remember the type of game your playing in order to get on in a mission. For example I needed to get a police car for a mission, you could perform a crime, or try and go to the police station to find one. However what would you do in real life if you wanted the police…. call them from your mobile ;)

The main game story line is a succession of missions for various people, which lead you to find out more about how the game works, and also lead to hundreds of side missions. You will find that playing the game in a straight line becomes very hard, as it probably only accounts for a third of the missions in the game, not to mention you could spend hours driving around, doing jumps, playing with the cops etc etc.

The other huge addition to this edition is the online mode. I am saving that until I have finished the single player mode, but it looks like it’s worth the price of the game its self!

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  1. chris 2 May 2008 at 1:35 pm #

    I’m on it. does it come on the Wii? I’m getting one of them and an HDTV tommorrow

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