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I have been a member of Be Unlimited for over a year now, they have a fantastic service in terms of speed, stability and lack of “crap” when using their hardware. No too long ago they were brought by 02, which initially worried me. The last thing I wanted was a small independent company that tries very hard for it’s customers, to be brought out by a bit company that tries to overload it with new customers (*cough* talk talk *cough*).

So after I got my iPhone (on 02) I realised I could change from Be to 02 and save myself about £10 a month and increase my service speed too! Win win I thought, although it’s rare to see a positive story about someone changing broadband providers… however the scotsman in me forced my hand, and soon I had put in the request to Be to be moved to 02.

A few days later I got my new 02 router through… well I got two by mistake, but that’s another story. On the day of the switch I forgot to plug in my new router… however it still worked :) Infact not even my IP address changed! I was then made to send back my Be router and everything was going rosy! The geek in me had slightly faster internet, and the scotsman had an extra £120 a year to not play with.

The only slight snag was that the connection seemed a little dodge. Every now and again I would loose my connection, and start sweating that everything was about to go tits up! Normally it re connected in a few seconds, but when your gaming and forfeit a match of pro evo, it’s the most infuriating thing ever rather annoying!

I got on the phone to 02 (which was very easy and quick!) where I discovered that they had increased my speed at the loss of noise tolerance on my line, apparently the two are mutually exclusive! Be must have a lower default, hence no problems but slower speed, something very handy to know, if you don’t do lots of gaming or video conferencing etc (you could do with the high speed at the loss of connection persistence). Once this was changed everything has been fantastic, and I would thoroughly recommend 02 to anyone, or switching from Be to 02!

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