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Mar. 12, 2008 No Comments Posted under: Development, Flex, Games, Technology

Fighting my way through this blog’s cobwebs I have finally managed to post!! I have been meaning to post quite a few things recently but keep running out of time, and then moving onto something else… So I thought I would write a quick update as to what’s been keeping me busy!

I am currently re-writing the flex application that displays statistics for Ceros. We are adding a lot more detail to what’s being recorded and the old interface lacked the navigation to display the finer granularity we now have.

Starting fresh on a project you have already done is great, because you have done all your planning without any dull paperwork… I guess it’s like a hard core prototype! But it makes stuff so much easier! I have also chosen to use the Cairngorm framework from Adobe consulting, mainly because of it’s good documentation, but also because I wanted to learn some best practices and design patterns, and personally I learn a lot better from practical experience than reading books.

Cairngorm is often critisised for adding a lot of overhead, however as long as your not creating a banner, I don’t find this much of an issue (yet). It has really helped, and even if you use it once and then create your own framework, there is a lot you can learn from using it. However the excessive use of MXML in examples is rather annoying.

I have a few example of problems I have solved that I would like to add to this blog soon, such as creating your own custom loading screen, and pitfalls when using change watchers. I will try and do that soon, when I get the chance.

I have also been meaning to try out the Fire Eagle API, although again I have not found the time, and as I’m off on holiday on Friday I can’t see it happing for a while :(

In other news, I started running again… ouch! Been owning on PES:2008 and loving online COD4!

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