Doom on an iPod

Last night I managed to revive my old iPod from it’s broken state. I think it was too drained of juice and plugging it into my Mac wasn’t charging it enough to boot up. Probably due to the lack of looking after it when I was travelling, but at least it wasn’t the hard drive as I first suspected!

One of the reasons I wanted to get it working was to use it as a portable self powered hard drive, and I wanted to make use of he screen… just because I had one and would have seemed like a waste!

So I popped over to the ipod linux wiki and downloaded the installer for Mac OS X. I then clicked install after plugging in my iPod and after about 30 seconds I had Linux booting up on photo iPod!

You can boot linux as the default OS or you can boot it as an alternative OS and still have the apple software on there. You can choose which to boot with some sort of death grip button holding combo.

Once it is up and running you can use the music software on there, do voice recording, brows your files, play games and install modules like doom!!!

I would actually recomend other people do this on their main iPod for the simple fact you can use it as normal until you fancy browsing your files or playing a quick game of Doom!

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