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Oct. 29, 2007 No Comments Posted under: Games, Mac OS X

This weekend saw two of my most anticipated pieces of software released. First was Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, a game I spent many a late night playing at university, and the other Mac OS X Leopard, the latest incarnation of Apples fantastic operating system.

Initially I had teething problems with both. Change to something you are so used to is not always easy to take, and with PES2008, as with all new version I struggled to get to grips with the new look and feel, especially as this is the first real version in HD. Have to say improvements in hardware have been felt in graphics as well as AI, the computer is now far more intelligent and frustrating to play on hard. New additions such as diving seem to be quite a skill, and I am yet to get anything than booked for trying!

Leopard also had a hard start! I initially got an apple blue screen of death when upgrading, something I later found to be a fault with Application Enhancer, a framework tool that hadn’t managed to upgrade, or warn it’s users of the fault!

I was relaxed knowing how OS X works, and was assured to know nothing would be tampering with my home folder! I eventually got it working, and it’s a lovely OS. Spaces is a desktop manager with some usability built in. Being able to keep some applications on all desktops, will stop you skipping back and forth, while stacks make my dock much more organised and smaller.

Networking had really been simplified, browsing, controlling and connecting is now a breeze, and iChat’s screen share makes helping my sister in Scotland a LOT easier!

I’m sure I will find gripes and more great features in both releases, but it’s great for stuff to live up to their hype, well done to Konami and Apple!

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