At work this morning I got one of those, “can you just”. But it wasn’t asking for me to knock up copy of YouTube or MySpace by the end of the week as a favour, but rather for a simple way or reccording the number of people that interact with and click on an advert BigKid are doing for Monkey Magazine.

Now, Ceros records a number of statistics, all in line with industry standards and auditable by ABCE, and this is strictly none of the above, but it’s an easy way to see how many people are interacting with something.

So what I did was create a simple PHP page which will write the current date to a text file, each on a new line. The script will also display the number of lines in that file (if no variables are sent).

I though it was such a nice little, simple, but utterly useful script that I would put it up here. I then also added it to the flickr widget in I made in ActionScript3 to record the number of times people click on the photos to change them… which was a totally depressing experience as it turns out no one does ;(

So here is the PHP script which needs to be alongside a text file referenced inside it…

and here is the Flex stuff with it added in (includes AS3 URLRequest example)…

and finally if you want to see how many people have clicked on that little widget to the right you can look here! (p.s. the first 15 were me!!!)

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