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Aug. 15, 2007 No Comments Posted under: Development, Mac OS X


With the latest version of iLife Apple released its new .mac web gallery, a very overdue updated to it’s .mac service which tries to catch up with the likes of Flickr and Picassa.

New features include a host of browsing methods similar to those in Leopard and iLife, and apple have stuck to their no Flash policy, well at least they have tried.

When I saw the keynote I was amazed by the carousel view which looked a bit like the dock or cover flow, and I was intrigued to see how they had done this without using Flash, unfortunately they hadn’t, and a quick right click confirmed this.

The question I guess is why then didn’t they use flash for the rest of the system. The JavaScript they use is OK but suffers from that spit and polish you get from Adobe. I guess they could argue that it’s more accessible, which some may disagree with, and it’s not like a photo gallery really needs to be super that accessible, given that 90% of the content is graphical anyway. There is also the system resource it uses up, firefox starts to struggle after a few minutes on the slide show.

However I feel the main reason for the lack of flash IS accessibility, but not in the sense of user accessibility but system accessibility. The iPhone has no flash support, and hence developing the system in Flash would have rendered it useless on their “internet navigator”, hardly a great PR stunt.

So I guess in the end it came down to having their hands tied, they have done quite a good job without using it, but I would love to see what Apple would get up to if they embraced Flash, and now it’s going the way of open source, perhaps they will…

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