I have wanted to have a little project for a while now. Something to add to this blog that would help me learn something new and suffice my need to code. So I decided to create a really simple Flickr widget in Flex (frame work over kill I know).

Previously in flex I have used SOAP for communications, which is great, but it appears that Flickr provide SOAP services but no WSDL, great… what’s the point in that guys, you mares well just use REST! Well I guess that’s what they want you to do, so I decided to use their REST service.

This is as easy to do in AS3 as a SOAP web services, the only limitation is the Flickr API, annoyingly it’s not as easy to grab a random one of my photos as I initially hoped. So for the time being, it’s just a totally random Flickr photo.

So here is the code form my example REST web service in AS3 (Flex) which I expect would also work in AIR.

RandomPhoto Source Code

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