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NOLVADEX FOR SALE, I have to say, yesterdays Keynote got me excited, really excited. So I thought rather than spitting and spluttering out excited whimpers of geeky excitement I would sleep on it and post today.., NOLVADEX pics. NOLVADEX treatment, well that and I couldn't be assed.

So what came out of the WWDC 07?

The main focus was Leopard, the iPhone has take the lime light recently and myself and others have been worried that Apple Computers (inc) was becoming a Jack of all trades, buy NOLVADEX online cod. Rx free NOLVADEX, So I was really happy to see the focus back to what I love most about my mac (mag safe aside), the OS, discount NOLVADEX. NOLVADEX coupon, Now what's new that we haven't heard about in Leopard already.
The desktop in Leopard

The desktop has a nice clean, the top bar becomes transparent which is kind of nice, in a way is slightly more than the curved top we got last time, NOLVADEX FOR SALE. The other big thing is the doc, where can i buy NOLVADEX online, NOLVADEX from mexico, it's now 3D, has reflections, NOLVADEX recreational, NOLVADEX wiki, and has something slightly more exciting, stacks, NOLVADEX used for. Where can i order NOLVADEX without prescription, From what I can tell stacks are like a more advanced folder in the doc, they have some cool animation and should be a really neat way to tidy up your doc, NOLVADEX alternatives, Buy NOLVADEX online cod, currently I have most of my applications in there, but soon I can just have my applications folder.., where can i cheapest NOLVADEX online. Herbal NOLVADEX, phew.
Finder in Leopard

The new finder is really interesting, NOLVADEX online cod, What is NOLVADEX, and I mean interesting in a strategy way. NOLVADEX FOR SALE, Apple have integrated iTunes into an OS, meaning millions of PC users suddenly know how to use a Mac... cunning, discount NOLVADEX. Online buy NOLVADEX without a prescription, The new sharing looks much better, and if it's as easy to use as iTunes I can't wait to use it at work, buy no prescription NOLVADEX online. Buy NOLVADEX online no prescription, The cover flow looks a bit gimmicky but I can see myself using it, as we all know about how our brains are adapted to recognise images (faces) rather than text, NOLVADEX treatment. NOLVADEX recreational,
Quick Look

OK this isn't the most interesting thing but I bet it will make previewing (without preview) things a little better, and to be honest I expect I will use it for images and videos more that loading them in QuickTime and Preview, NOLVADEX without prescription.
64 bit

32 and 64 bit in one system, NOLVADEX FOR SALE. NOLVADEX without a prescription, Now thats going to see 64 bit processors becoming a lot more viable, as you don't have to worry about it, NOLVADEX images. NOLVADEX no rx,
Parental Controls

(remember I'm trying to look at the new things) Not having seen this before, it looks cool, buy NOLVADEX from mexico, Purchase NOLVADEX for sale, well if your trying to keep your kids in check, you can set times for internet browsing and even check what they have been doing (scary) including who they have been chatting to, NOLVADEX wiki. NOLVADEX natural, Now I don't have kids but if did I think I would feel a lot safer with them on a Mac rather than a Windows box.
Boot Camp by default

This is sure to sway those Windows users who are scared to get a mac, NOLVADEX price, coupon, No prescription NOLVADEX online, a bit of a fail safe I guess, but my bet is most of them will be using OSX in no time, NOLVADEX photos, but also a great way for Apple to boost their hardware sales, especially in the laptop market, where they oh so rock.
Front Row
NOLVADEX FOR SALE, Finally Apple are giving a front row a make over. It looks like they are taking the Apple TV set up and adding it to the standard OS. This is great for me as I use a mac mini as a media center, and front row just dosen't scale.
DVD player

The new DVD player looks pro. There are some nice features with screen shots and also some nice new features like zoom.
So thats it for new stuff

There are loads of other things but for now thats all the new stuff that stood out to me (not mentioning the old Leopard stuff like spaces and time machine. There are also another two massive points... Safari on Windows and the new apple website, but thats another post for another day.

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