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May. 30, 2007 2 Comments Posted under: Technology

So here it is, one of the many millions of posts on blogs around the world you will notice today (well if you’r google) all offering their own view on the new thing to come out of Redmond…

Well first off, wow. The concept, albe it nothing new, is really amazing, and it’s fantastic to see them take the leep from geeky lab, to commercial product… it’s a brave move but something that should accelerate this thing becoming the way we work, and play in the future.

At the moment it looks like nothing more than a millionaires play thing, or something for the flagship store or hotel. Although I can’t see anyone using it in a pub until the price falls (I mean how much is one of those things going to be!?!) but then the only way it’s going to fall is getting them out there, so hats off to Microsoft… but I know we are all secretly hoping someone else is going to come along and release a stable/non-microsoft version so we can really get excited ;)

Currently though my top 10 questions are:

1. How do you ctrl-alt-delete on one of those things???

2. How does it know which phone is which, considering they are communicating via bluetooth

3. What happens when that guy spills his drink

4. Does the photo thing intergrate with photoshop?

5. Why isn’t the site in silverlight

6. When will the first pacman be released on it

7. If they only let you look at teathered fake phones in a shop, would you ever…

8.  Are those Zunes “sharing” music, or where their credit cards on the other side of the table?

9. Will there be a way to just leave/store your credit card on the table?

10. Will it work with Ceros?

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  1. Darko 30 May 2007 at 10:05 am #

    As a colleague here just said: “Microsoft have managed to put what Apple compressed into a phone in a device the size of a table…” Nice.

  2. Rob 1 June 2007 at 4:46 pm #

    That was me ;)

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