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May. 13, 2007 4 Comments Posted under: Running

What happens when you have a quiet detox weekend in? Spending a fortune of Apple and Nike equipment perhaps, well that’s what I did.
Nike plus stuff

I had heard about the Nike+ stuff from various people and after I started jogging last week I though I would check it out again. After getting totally sucked in (and getting my flatmate sucked in too) we got up this morning and spanked a small fortune on Apple and Nike equipment. The Nike+ dongle it’s self it only £20 but of cource I needed a Nano (2GB Silver £99), running shoes (£60), shorts and top (£35), socks (£9) and a jazzy arm band for putting it in (£19). I thought I would be able to just pop into Nike town in Oxford Circus and get all the gear, but was shocked by the un-helpfulness of staff, dreadful amount of stock (no trainers in a 9!). They sent me to Lillywhites, who had none but I ended up getting them from JD sports.

When I got home we set up our Nike+ account on their Flash website (smells of some hardcore Flex) and set up some challenges, play lists, and routes (in a nice Google maps mashup). You can download widgets for your runs and challenge mates to targets etc, it really is very impressive.

Once ready you connect the iPod to the dongle in your shoe and start the workout. As your running a womans (or mans) voice gives you info of how far you have gone and counts down your last 500m. You can set up runs for distance time or calories (although I couldn’t set that up as I have no idea of my weight!). You can also set songs as PowerSongs to activate when you need a boost… (Eye of the tiger is top on ITMS) and pause your run to cross roads of get some water.

When I got back I didn’t realize you have to end the workout on the iPod so my first graph looks a bit silly, do’h!

My first Run

It was a lot of fun and sadly the only way to get me really into running. I can’t wait to get some more data in there and beat Shaun to the 30k mark :) Recommend to anyone who wants to get fit but needs a £200 reason to keep doing it, and gadgets and technology to make it fun!

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  1. Dark0 13 May 2007 at 7:22 pm #

    “gadgets and technology to make it fun!”

    Isn’t that your Mum’s catch phrase?

    Very impressive… maybe I should join you, although I’m not wearing shorts!

  2. Big sis 13 May 2007 at 8:29 pm #

    If you’d read Running World magazine you could have saved yourself a whole load of money by putting the red bit in a small zip lock bag an tucking it into your shoe laces. Also you need to calibrate the thing other wise it is based on an average stride which might work in you favour but didn’t work in mine as I’m 5’3″!
    This might get me out there again!

  3. Rob 13 May 2007 at 8:33 pm #

    Not wearing shorts? It’s not like school Tom, they are optional!

    I could have saved a fortune Fi but it’s not as much fun, and I would worry it would ping off half way around (plus needed some running shoes anyway).

    Really does get you out there, can’t wait to doing it again!

  4. Chris 14 May 2007 at 9:00 am #

    Rob, please check out — we are looking for more beta testers!

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