Snowbording it up….

Mar. 21, 2007 1 Comment Posted under: Random

032107123232.jpg032107142836.jpgI’m sitting here in the Frog (local english pub with WiFi!) after a great day on the slopes! The snow isn’t perfect but it’s nice up high, so have been practising some tricks and generally jibbing ( “Jibbing can also be synonymous with “goofing around” on a snowboard; doing small technical tricks in a playful manner.”- hope that helps Tom.)

It looks like our latest project has launched ok too (Tom’s blog for more info).

Hope all is well and will upload more photos when we remember to take the sodding camera out!

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  1. Dk0 24 March 2007 at 1:09 pm #

    Glad you’re having fun! Let me know when your back and I’ll get back on XBox Live!

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