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For those interested I have uploaded some more photos to Flickr you can see them on my photo stream here. I have also added the standard Flickr photo badge to the side bar of my site, as I attempt to push more content through this blog. It’s only a start but I realised after playing […]

Long time no updates

Jul. 5, 2007 No Comments Posted under: Blog

Recently I have been going through bouts of posting and then not posting. I find myself saying I shouldn’t post this now as I have already posted today, I’ll save it for tomorrow, and then suddenly I find I haven’t posted in 2 weeks… So what’s been keeping me busy, well I have quite a […]

Pixelbox 2.0 (beta)

Jun. 18, 2007 5 Comments Posted under: Blog, Development

So here it is… finally… I have got the version 2 beta of this blog out! It all started a long time ago when I tried to make my own theme, and became utterly frustrated with the over complicated spaghetti code that riddles wordpress. Don’t get me wrong wordpress is great, a fantastic blogging tool, […]

Pixelbox is global

May. 10, 2007 No Comments Posted under: AIR, Blog

I noticed in my incoming links the other day that come chap called Chui-Wen Chiu has posted my Apollo custom chrome example in Chinese. After fisihing around on google translate I managed to figure out he was just translating my comments and doing a bit of a walk through of my code (rather than criticizing […]

Recently a number of my friends have started joining social networking sites, mainly myspace, as a way of wasting time at work I guess. Really there is no point in these sites other than meeting up with old acquaintances, who if you really liked you would have stayed in contact with anyway and seems only […]